Saturday, August 28, 2010

One more...


1st Game!


What a great first game!  I am so proud of all of you!

You guys are so talented!!!
I think the crowd LOVED our shoulder stands!
You girls are so pretty!!!
Whooop Whoop!  You go girls!
We need to work on our photo formations... haha.
We are so proud of you!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Football Game Day

Just A Friendly Reminder:

Team Entrance -- Tunnel with band. We will perform the school fight song before, but as soon as they enter, we need to get off the field

National Anthem -- Line Up facing the flag. After it ends, spirit then Kayla starts a chant (A-D-M, Let's Go Tigers, etc)

Kick Off -- Shoulder Stands

Kick Return -- We will discuss this at practice tomorrow!

Touchdown -- Spirit the crowd, watch the PAT, then school fight song (remember to prepare for kick off as soon as you're done with the fight song!)

1st Quarter -- NOTE THIS HAS CHANGED, the band director INSISTS on playing the fight song, so we will do that. If there is time after we will do that stomp thing.

3rd Quarter -- Stomp thing or something Coach Amanda or I can come up with!

End of Game -- Still working on this... we will also discuss this at practice tomorrow!

Hurt Player -- remember to go down on your right knee facing the field. Do not get up until the player has started to leave the field.

Turn Around -- For EVERY cheer, song, dance, whatever, you need to turn around towards your goal. (Remember this changes from quarter to quarter so please pay attention!)

Cheers/Chants -- A cheer/chant must be done every 90 seconds. Also jump at least once with each cheer/chant and spirit!

Girls you are doing awesome! I'm so proud of all of you! Keep up the great work. The season has only begun! =)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Thanks girls for another great practice!  All of the hard work this summer and at camp has really been paying off.  I am seeing so much improvement!  Thank you for your willingness to switch things up tonight, it is greatly appreciated.

A couple things for practice on Thursday:
1. Bring your poms (new ones please).
2. Meet in the commons, if the weather is nice, we will go outside.  Please let your rides know if you do not drive yourself so they know where to pick you up.
3. Our goal at practice on Thursday is to get as prepared for the game as possible!  We want to cheer on our team and wow the crowd!  Go over any chants or dances you don't know very well with someone who does so that we can spend time perfecting other things on Thursday.

I am really excited for our first game on Friday!

Coach Amanda

Friday, August 6, 2010

Chant List

1.     Go Tigers Go (Drake)
2.     Hey Tigers, Lets Go (Drake)
3.     Go, Go, Go Tigers Go
4.     ATTACK
5.     Down the Field, 6 Points, Go Go
6.     Abby Go’s
7.     D, D, Defense (Jumping)
8.     D-EF-ENSE, Defense
9.     Touchdown, Tigers, Touchdown
10. Hey Tigers, Defense, Take that Ball Away
11. Fire up, Crowd
12. Red & Black Attack
13. A D M
14. Lets go Tigers
15. Lets go ADM
16. Red & Black
17. D Fense
18. B E A T Beat those mustangs
19. Lets get fired up, get rough get tough get mean
20. Defense, do it, get the ball go to it
21. Hey Crowd, Join In
22. Go Cheer
23. 1st and 10, Go Big Red, Lets Win
24. Get that ball back
25. T O U C H D O W N Touchdown Mighty Tigers, go fight win!

Cheer Camp

Girls!  You are amazing!  I am so proud of all of you and all the hard work you put into camp!  It will pay off huge during the season!

Here are the words to the routine cheer:
Tigers, the Best
So much better than the rest
Wildcats who? We're rougher than them
We fight tough, and we will win
Come on crowd, we want to hear you
Stand up, cheer, we want to see you
Yell red and black
(red and black)
Say lets go tigers
(lets go tigers)
Red and black, lets go tigers (5X)

Thank you again for such a great week at camp!  I am so pumped for this season!

Remember athlete parent meeting Sunday at 7 in the North Gym.

1st practice will be Tuesday, August 17.

See you Sunday!!!