Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Football Game Day

Just A Friendly Reminder:

Team Entrance -- Tunnel with band. We will perform the school fight song before, but as soon as they enter, we need to get off the field

National Anthem -- Line Up facing the flag. After it ends, spirit then Kayla starts a chant (A-D-M, Let's Go Tigers, etc)

Kick Off -- Shoulder Stands

Kick Return -- We will discuss this at practice tomorrow!

Touchdown -- Spirit the crowd, watch the PAT, then school fight song (remember to prepare for kick off as soon as you're done with the fight song!)

1st Quarter -- NOTE THIS HAS CHANGED, the band director INSISTS on playing the fight song, so we will do that. If there is time after we will do that stomp thing.

3rd Quarter -- Stomp thing or something Coach Amanda or I can come up with!

End of Game -- Still working on this... we will also discuss this at practice tomorrow!

Hurt Player -- remember to go down on your right knee facing the field. Do not get up until the player has started to leave the field.

Turn Around -- For EVERY cheer, song, dance, whatever, you need to turn around towards your goal. (Remember this changes from quarter to quarter so please pay attention!)

Cheers/Chants -- A cheer/chant must be done every 90 seconds. Also jump at least once with each cheer/chant and spirit!

Girls you are doing awesome! I'm so proud of all of you! Keep up the great work. The season has only begun! =)

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