Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Decision/Explanation

Girls & Families,
As some of you know, I have been debating for a while whether or not I wanted to coach you guys for another year. Although I initially said yes, a few different things have come up in my life and I am unfortunately going to have to change my decision and I'm hoping you will understand my reasoning's below.

As most of you know, I am not rich and although it's a good price, as a cheer coach I don't get paid tons of money. I coach you guys not for the money, but because of my passion for cheerleading and the bonds I have created with you all. However, in the last 6 months, gas prices have increased in Des Moines about $1.50. And although I probably lost some money last year with driving/gas, I honestly cannot afford to pay $70 a week to fill my gas tank to drive to games and practices from Knoxville to Adel.

Also, after thinking long and hard, I have decided to try and reach my goal of becoming a doctor. I've always wanted to do that with my life, so I've started taking steps towards that goal. Now just with any high goal, comes a lot of sacrifice. I'm having to use my free time to study for the MCAT and apply to different schools. Since that is a priority in my life, I'm afraid I won't have the time necessary to be a good coach. I've had coaches in my past who have basically abandoned the squad to pursue their own dreams, while still keeping the coaching position. I do NOT want to put you guys thru that. You deserve someone who is 100% dedicated to you and unfortunately I won't be able to fulfill that amount of dedication this year.

Now I know we've started camp, and I still plan on attending camp with you and helping you girls grow as a squad so you can dominate state competition!! Whoever decides to take on the role of head coach this year, I will definitely help them/you in anyway I can. I can give out the information to my choreographer I was going to use this year, as well as my knowledge of the sport!

I hope you ladies can understand that I'm not doing this because of you. I told Rikki yesterday that this is definitely one of the hardest decisions I've had to make so far in my life. If there were more hours in the day and gas was free, I would definitely coach you again, but unfortunately neither of these are true. As always, if you ever need anything (advice, a listening ear, a muffin or cookie) I'm only a phone call/text/email/facebook msg away!

Coach Lisa

Thursday, April 28, 2011

What You've All Been Waiting For...

CAMP!!! We are finally registered and ready to go for NCA camp this summer!!! We are going to be going to Wisconsin Dells at the Great Wolf Lodge/Resort July 11-14!!! I'm super excited for this and hopefully you guys will be too! Cost wise is really similar to what the other one was. As soon as I get confirmation emails from the NCA, I will be able to get the exact cost and due date to you guys!

I've heard from 2 people that there might be a conflict with these dates, so I am assuming nobody else is having issues.

I will be giving out more information as soon as I get it. (Check list, times, cost, etc). So please check your emails and this blog site frequently in the coming weeks!

Thanks ladies and get excited!!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Camp... Bad News!

So I am not happy with the UCA camp company at all! After weeks of calling and leaving messages, I've finally found out that they don't have a spot for us at Okaboji! I was VERY disappointed in how they handled it (or lack thereof) and might be using NCA now for our camp! No worries, I've found some even BETTER camps, so after I get some opinions/advice I will be getting the information out to you. I will try to keep the price around the same, but it might be a tad higher (like closer to $300), just FYI.

Also, I'm looking at dates in July, so if you will have potential conflicts in certain dates during the month of July I need to know ASAP!!! If I don't hear from you, then I will assume that there are no conflicts.

I hope to have this figured out and us registered by the end of this week. The school is holding on to your $100 deposit, so no worries there. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me!

However on a lighter note, you can now attend the Big Country Bash!!! =)


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cheer Coach Conference

Hello All! I just got back from Ames at the Iowa Cheer Coaches Association Annual Conference! It was 2 full days packed with classes and sessions that helped me learn new techniques and how to be a better coach! I also got to chat with some vendors and see the different uniform samples from different companies!!!

I was also able to take a very important course this weekend called AACCA. This course taught me some very valuable safety information that you will see implemented at our first meeting! As we all know, cheerleading is increasing in athleticism and therefore increasing with injury potential. Although I hope our year goes smooth and without injuries, it doesn't hurt to plan for the worst. So I will be educating all of you (parents too!) on how to be more safe, as well as hold each of you (and myself) accountable for your actions and more clearly define your role on the squad!

On a lighter note, I'm super excited to start the season with camp! I did have some issues with Varsity regarding camp registration, so keep your fingers crossed that they will be able to make a spot for us at Okaboji! If not then we will just figure out something else!

Have a great week! Again, any questions/concerns please don't hesitate to contact me!!

Coach Lisa

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Varsity Football Cheer Camp

Girls, if you are on the varsity football squad for next year, you will be receiving information regarding cheer camp June 24-27 at Lake Okaboji in the mail soon. If you have any conflict with the dates, you need to get ahold of me ASAP so we can discuss your options. Unfortunately I am taking classes this summer and this is the only available cheer camp date I can attend and miss minimal class time. I hope the excitement has died down a bit and now you all are excited to get the season started! Again any questions/concerns let me know! Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2011 Cheerleading Tryout Results

Congrats to everyone who made a squad!!! NOTE: The names are in order by tryout number NOT by score! =)

Varsity FB: Hanna Button, Aryn Book, Rachael Selover, Rachel Soderstrum, Alec Craigmile, Megan Newton, Jenna Kool, Shyanne Kuhns, Alexandria Lemke, Kelsey Rodgers, Stephanie Hanley, Bailey Freestone, Jordan Selover, Kaitlyn Ferm, Alyssa Tigges, Kayla Saunders

Basketball: Hanna Button, Shelby Johnson, Rachael Selover, Jordan Yost, Alec Craigmile, Megan Newton, Jenna Kool ,Stephanie Hanley, Bailey Freestone, Alyssa Tigges, Kayla Saunders

Wrestling: Catie Beyerhelm, Rachael Selover, Rachel Soderstrum, Shyanne Kuhns, Jordan Selover Kaitlyn Ferm

Only 2 girls were interested in doing JV Football so unfortunately that is not enough for a squad! =( If you did not make Varsity FB and have changed your mind about JV Football, please email me at

Saturday, August 28, 2010

One more...