Friday, August 6, 2010

Chant List

1.     Go Tigers Go (Drake)
2.     Hey Tigers, Lets Go (Drake)
3.     Go, Go, Go Tigers Go
4.     ATTACK
5.     Down the Field, 6 Points, Go Go
6.     Abby Go’s
7.     D, D, Defense (Jumping)
8.     D-EF-ENSE, Defense
9.     Touchdown, Tigers, Touchdown
10. Hey Tigers, Defense, Take that Ball Away
11. Fire up, Crowd
12. Red & Black Attack
13. A D M
14. Lets go Tigers
15. Lets go ADM
16. Red & Black
17. D Fense
18. B E A T Beat those mustangs
19. Lets get fired up, get rough get tough get mean
20. Defense, do it, get the ball go to it
21. Hey Crowd, Join In
22. Go Cheer
23. 1st and 10, Go Big Red, Lets Win
24. Get that ball back
25. T O U C H D O W N Touchdown Mighty Tigers, go fight win!

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