Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Thanks girls for another great practice!  All of the hard work this summer and at camp has really been paying off.  I am seeing so much improvement!  Thank you for your willingness to switch things up tonight, it is greatly appreciated.

A couple things for practice on Thursday:
1. Bring your poms (new ones please).
2. Meet in the commons, if the weather is nice, we will go outside.  Please let your rides know if you do not drive yourself so they know where to pick you up.
3. Our goal at practice on Thursday is to get as prepared for the game as possible!  We want to cheer on our team and wow the crowd!  Go over any chants or dances you don't know very well with someone who does so that we can spend time perfecting other things on Thursday.

I am really excited for our first game on Friday!

Coach Amanda

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