Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2nd Practice

I am so excited about what we have been able to accomplish in just two practices!  Thank you to everyone who came last night.  I am so impressed with the positive attitudes and the willingness to get in there and try new things!  A special thank you to Rachel for stepping in there as a back spot for the night!  It was also great to see Alexandria and Bailey basing together, job well done for this being a new position for both of you!  Lexy and Aryn, you guys have been getting in there and doing such a great job!  All the stunt groups are working so well together.  Again, I am so excited about getting this base work done so that during the season we will be so far ahead!

Lets focus also on what Doug taught us yesterday.  Remember to weight-lift two times a week.  This is the number one way to prevent injuries!  After all this hard work stunting, the last thing we want to do is to loose someone to an injury that could have been prevented!  So grab a buddy and get in the weight room or just go over the stuff we learned with Doug yesterday!  If you need help Shyanne, Alexandria, Alec, Kaitlyn, and Rachel did a great job yesterday and I am sure they could show you a review of the moves.

Thank you again girls for your hard work this week!  See you on Thursday, 5:30 in the 10/12 commons!

Coach Amanda

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