Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cheer Coach Conference

Hello All! I just got back from Ames at the Iowa Cheer Coaches Association Annual Conference! It was 2 full days packed with classes and sessions that helped me learn new techniques and how to be a better coach! I also got to chat with some vendors and see the different uniform samples from different companies!!!

I was also able to take a very important course this weekend called AACCA. This course taught me some very valuable safety information that you will see implemented at our first meeting! As we all know, cheerleading is increasing in athleticism and therefore increasing with injury potential. Although I hope our year goes smooth and without injuries, it doesn't hurt to plan for the worst. So I will be educating all of you (parents too!) on how to be more safe, as well as hold each of you (and myself) accountable for your actions and more clearly define your role on the squad!

On a lighter note, I'm super excited to start the season with camp! I did have some issues with Varsity regarding camp registration, so keep your fingers crossed that they will be able to make a spot for us at Okaboji! If not then we will just figure out something else!

Have a great week! Again, any questions/concerns please don't hesitate to contact me!!

Coach Lisa

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