Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2011 Cheerleading Tryout Results

Congrats to everyone who made a squad!!! NOTE: The names are in order by tryout number NOT by score! =)

Varsity FB: Hanna Button, Aryn Book, Rachael Selover, Rachel Soderstrum, Alec Craigmile, Megan Newton, Jenna Kool, Shyanne Kuhns, Alexandria Lemke, Kelsey Rodgers, Stephanie Hanley, Bailey Freestone, Jordan Selover, Kaitlyn Ferm, Alyssa Tigges, Kayla Saunders

Basketball: Hanna Button, Shelby Johnson, Rachael Selover, Jordan Yost, Alec Craigmile, Megan Newton, Jenna Kool ,Stephanie Hanley, Bailey Freestone, Alyssa Tigges, Kayla Saunders

Wrestling: Catie Beyerhelm, Rachael Selover, Rachel Soderstrum, Shyanne Kuhns, Jordan Selover Kaitlyn Ferm

Only 2 girls were interested in doing JV Football so unfortunately that is not enough for a squad! =( If you did not make Varsity FB and have changed your mind about JV Football, please email me at

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